Services Rendered

To ensure that a campaign flows effortlessly from conception to implementation we offer a wide range of services to add value to each campaign:

Guerrilla Marketing

  • Guerrilla Marketing; such as Intersection distribution, office park drop-offs, stadium and taxi rank activations and flash mobs; are a great tool to reach the mass market.
  • Venues are carefully chosen considering the locale and LSM of your target market.
  • At Paragon Promotions we only use the friendliest and liveliest ladies for distribution. This allows consumers to have a positive brand experience in the inherent short time of guerrilla activations.

In -store

  • At Paragon Promotions we carefully select Sales Agents and Brand Ambassadors who perfectly fit your brand. Not only are they thoroughly educated on your product, but they are also trained on elocution, deportment and sales techniques, ensuring a memorable interaction with every consumer.
  • As studies have shown that 70% of decisions are made at point of purchase, hence having an Ambassador or Sales Agent present in store is of utmost importance to your sales.
  • We pride ourselves on always providing a return on investment, not only in sales but also in brand experience.

Centre Courts & Mall Activations

  • Mall Activations create hype and excitement around your brand. It is a space where consumers can interact and relate to your products.
  • Having Brand Ambassadors that are fully trained and educated will not only boost sales, but will help connect consumers to the brand.
  • Paragon will co-ordinate all activations from procurement to breakdown.
    This includes branding and set design and construction, space booking, power supply and security.

Exhibitions and Trade Shows

  • Having your product and services showcased at an exhibition is key to becoming a market leader.
  • Paragon Promotions will provide you with a one stop solution to any exhibition, as we know that the stand, uniforms and promotional elements are equally as important as the flawless Brand Ambassadors that will host your space.

Nightlife ,Corporate Functions & Hostessing

  • Having a Brand Ambassador who can approach clients in a social environment and make them feel at ease is a skill that has to be learnt and nourished through experience.
  • Paragon Promotions only uses their highest ranking Ambassadors for nightlife and corporate hostessing and will also guarantee the presence of a senior staff member to ensure that all runs according to plan.

Product & Store Launches

  • The launch event of any new product or store will determine its rate of diffusion within the specified market. It is vital that care is taken to pay very close attention to detail.
  • Paragon Promotions will not only plan and implement this event to perfection, but will also assist with various value ads such as sms marketing and social media seeding to create talkability around the brand.

Road shows and Concerts

  • Branding at a concert and activating a road show are great ways to engage consumers.
  • This is a social environment where consumers are relaxed and have time to interact with Brand Ambassadors, hence it is vital to choose staff that stands apart from the crowd and creates excitement around the activation.
  • These activations are best coupled with complimentary give-aways, which Paragon Promotions has an array of only the finest quality.

Event Decor

  • With Paragon Promotions you could be sure that your event will not only run like clockwork, but flow from colour to theme with an effortlessness that is reminiscent of high society in the Golden age of Hollywood.
  • Style, class and vibe are never are neglected but rather intermixed and balance-perfected through endless planning and execution.
  • Whether we plan a corporate event, wedding, bachelors/ bachelorettes/ bridal showers or a Kids party- you can be certain that it will be phenomenal.
  • We also provide Function hire: everything from tables, gazebos to crockery and centre pieces.

Photography, Graphic design and Web development

  • “Our Paragon photographer has worked on an array of shoots, from cars to boudoir. He has a fine eye for detail and carries this from the studio, to the development stage where each picture is perfected to a masterpiece.
  • Our web development team have extensive experience in building the most elaborate interactive sites at an extremely competitive rate. All sites are customized to the clients specification- with no limit to the functionality.
  • With the full force of our creative team there is no difference between your imagination and the reality of their production.
  • For a full creative portfolio please contact us to arrange a drop.