Our Staff


Paragon Promotions will not only run your in- and out- of store campaigns at a competitive rate, but will also dedicate an experienced Campaign Manager to work closely with your staff outlining each step- thus ensuring an effortless flow of communication transpiring into a well finished activation.

Our Campaign Managers

  • We employ only skilled Campaign Managers with experience in the largest/oldest experiential marketing companies.
  • We then re-trained and up-skill each Campaign Manager before they commence work on any of our campaigns ensuring that they are perfectly capable of handling the load.
  • All new Campaign Managers are monitored directly by the director of our company to ensure that no client is left unsatisfied.

Our Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors are vetted through a 3 stage interview process and then trained in specific skills before being allowed to work on any campaigns, these skills include:

  • Sales Techniques
  • Deportment
  • Speech and Voice

These workshops are held quarterly and after each training session Brand Ambassadors are assessed on both written and practical exams before being graded and awarded a specific skills certificate


Upon receiving a brief every single team member of Paragon Promotions is invited to
a brain-storming session where we discuss all aspects of the campaign – focusing at
this point on the creative.
After these sessions tasks are handed to the 3 layers of our team in turn:

  • Creative division – to flesh out ideas and start on design work.
  • Account Manager – to present to the client and get their valuable in-put.
  • Production – to make it happen!